rust in the streets

This may be odd for a girl to admit but I love rust. 
I am amazed at how metal ages,

and takes on new colors from being subjected to the elements.

The mix of yellow paint against the yellow patina makes a nice juxtaposition. 

It is also amazing that rust itself can get worn away.

This may just be my favorite, rust + red.

I also enjoy heavy metal against weathered wood. I suppose I just enjoy seeing man-made objects age.

This may not be rust, but it fit with the color theme.

But I may be wrong, I wouldn't be surprised to find rusty water in a fountain.

I found these pipes fascinating. 

And was immediately asked if I needed help while I captured rusty machinery.

I guess a girl isn't supposed to be interested in such things. 

It isn't like a was holding spray paint, just an iPhone and a sweet dog.

This manhole cover is more taken over with moss than rust but the rust colored leaves achieved the look I was going for. And moss is pretty interesting all on it's own.

Not only does the color of oxidation amaze me, the layers and flaking fascinate me. The patterns of the rust amongst the patterns of the metal object make for some lovely textures. I suppose I am just fascinated with all things related to metal.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim