solos glass

I came across Solos Glass at the New York International Gift Fair. It's ironic to discover from their website they are based here in Providence, RI. I left the smallest state to find our talented neighbors in the Big Apple. 
My selections here may come across as biased, I am in love with this olive green, especially patterned with white, both in the same piece and having the solid green with the solid white paired together. These three would make an amazing centerpiece with a single queen anne's lace in each vase.

This cell-like pattern is pretty amazing. It works well with the contrast of color against the clear glass. Seeing the pattern on the reverse side just adds to it's complexity. It appears as if something took over the bottom of the vase and crept it's way to the top, like a complex lichen structure.

The colors chosen here have an ink-like appearance, taking on the effect of dropping india ink in water. Though two of them are the same pattern as the olive vase above the color choice give these vases a wholly different appeal. They seem to have been decorated by hand with pen and ink with some delicately washed brush strokes. 

After browsing the collections of Solos Glass I realized I can't decide which I love more, the bold, opaque color combinations or the soothing, transparent colors. They are all equally stunning in color and form. I think what I love is seeing the opaque colors take on substantial, complex forms while the transparent colors taking on classic, delicate looking forms. Solos' collection is diverse yet timeless and always stunning. 

for a peak at some vintage glass clocks look here. Amazing, aren't they?

happy sunday!
xo, kim