560 mineral spring avenue

For the first time in a long time I took a stroll around the old Lorraine Mills. 
We have our mailbox back so there is a reason to go outside. 

I'm not sure why I don't allow myself some time outside more often. 

The fresh air is so welcoming. 

The scenery doesn't change much but it still fascinates me. 

That's us, in the boiler room.

I've been seeing lots of upcycled pallet pieces on blogs lately. 

These stacks have inspired me to look for a project so I have a reason to sneak some home. 

The weeds are always inspiring. I know, I am strange.

I just discovered this little sign hidden in this pipe. I have no idea what's all about, do you?

More pallets for the taking??

And another lonely weed. 

I love being surrounded by brick and stars. It's just wonderful. Now to get a handle on climate control...

happy almost friday!
xo, kim