Amie Louise Plante Jewelry

Looking back at my favorites of the RISD show I realized I saved my favorite booth for last, Amie Plante. I've wanted to show her work here long ago, but it's difficult to find the right words to describe objects made by a person who taught you part of your trade. It seems more personal, yet it is hardly fair not to give her a mention. Amie's work is stunning and lucky for me, it's familiar. It isn't familiar in that Amie's work hasn't developed over the last ten or so years but that she continues to add her flair to series after series. The same forms may come up but they are always fresh. New colors emerge, different gemstones are played with and layers are made, adding to the series, giving it a new outlook.

There are two things I am attracted to with Amie's jewelry. First, is her use of eye-catching color and second is her knack for adding energy and movement. Maybe there is a third, she always adds sparkle!

Her jewelry has motion, alluring the onlooker into wanting to touch it, try it on, fiddle with it a little. 

Aside from color and motion, her designs are amazing. They wear well and can lean towards formal or everyday. What fun is it to own something too precious to wear?

These earrings are the perfect mix of what I've been loving about Amie's work from the moment I saw it. Her natural castings have always been my favorite as have her enamels. The addition of lovely mint colored stones just makes it even better. 

Amie Louise Plante can be found here and here

happy thursday!
xo, kim

ps: thank you, Amie for taking time from your busy schedule to teach me how to enamel. I've been hooked ever since.