hermes rocket

Lately I've taken on a passion for acquiring old objects. Turntables, furniture, singer sewing machines, game pieces, pages of books, prints, fabrics, records, button, clothes. It is endless.
I've had great fun revisiting the past through my hermes rocket. It brings back memories of typing at my father's first of many offices while he was helping customers. Making him paychecks so we'd be rich or just typing him notes. With the help of a twitter friend I realized there was a place ever so close to home who sold old typewriters in fantastic condition. I came home with my newest crush. So far my biggest use it typing thank you notes to my etsy buyers. But it's been handy to send notes to family and type labels too. 

After searching the internet for the perfect typewriter font I realized that what I really needed was a good ol' manual typewriter to get the effect I has been searching for. 

This I call irony. It seems that every time I set out to type something I need my computer to find my customer's name or get other details of the order. No matter, I'm still in my crush phase. And this machine works like a dream.

happy typing!
xo, kim