Jennifer Daltry : Artwork

For about a year now I've know Jennifer Daltry as half of the duo behind the Rock and Roll Yard Sales and What Cheer Antiques. This summer I realized that the lovely illustrations and prints hung on the walls of What Cheer? were of her hand. 
I got to see a few of them yesterday while I was browsing the RISD alumni sale. I love the wispy quality of her lines and how Jennifer seems to tread so lightly on paper, allowing its texture to show through. Each stroke is filled with intention. 

This one perfectly captures the holiday season which is fast approaching. It reminds me of 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' if it were in book form. 

This print has a very different quality from the rest, less paper is left untouched. Jennifer maintains the same quality of line, the moonlit trees dance in the same graceful nature. I keep finding myself caught in their shadows, waiting to see the limbs past the trunk.

Should you find yourself in Wayland Square be sure to stop into What Cheer Antiques to see these prints in person. Jennifer's work is enchanting. 

happy sunday!
xo, kim

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