neighborhood finds in yellow + white

As I was loading these photos I realized that they had a common theme, yellow and white.
My street is sort of limited in it's palette these days.

But I do have daisy envy. One of our neighbors has so many daisies in bloom they look like bushes of daisies. They have nearly taken over the front yard.

Then I came across this amazing lichen taking over this tree.

Between the lichen and the texture of the bark it is growing over, I think this photo captures a stunning combination. 

This fence was just asking to be peeked in. 

I can't quite tell what attracts me to these fences missing posts. 
Maybe I just enjoy the break in the pattern.

I adore weeds that grow from cracks in the cement. They have such determination. 

It's sweet to see a lily still hanging around this time of year. It was the perfect addition to my theme.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim