pinterest etiquette

I've been seeing some of the crafters I love and write about on pinterest included in a 'DIY' or 'To Make' pinboard. These images show up linked to my blog so I feel the need to speak out and say this really isn't okay. This is not something I promote and have been trying to figure out how I should deal with it. Instead of correcting these pinners by commenting on far too many pins I thought this would be a better solution.
{image found on Salt City Spice, click on the image for her take on the matter}
These crafters have worked on their design, worked to market their design, worked to fine tune the details. Those who mark their work as 'DIY' or 'To Make' are taking someone else's idea, stealing it and calling it their own, thus belittling the maker. So please continue to share the work I post here. Of course I want crafters I admire shown off on pintereset. I want their talent to be seen, but respected. Create a new pinboard just for the occasion, 'Handmade' or 'Work I Admire' instead of filing it under 'DIY' or what should really be called 'Craft I Want To Steal'. 

And to those artists who's work has been pinned in this manner from my blog, I am sorry. I've only meant to show you off because your work means something to me. I adore you, keep crafting, you are amazing and truly inspiring.

keep it real, kim