Quench Metalworks

Another artist I was happy to see at the RISD Alumni Sale, Quench Metalworks. I've been an admirer of her etsy shop for some time now but it's always better to see jewelry in person. Plus, there was a super cute little lady doing a great job of handing out postcards. You don't see that on etsy. 

I love to see real metalsmithing jewelry. You can tell by looking at each piece that Jennifer Atkins Lisa utilizes an arsenal of tools to make her jewelry. 

Jennifer also knows how to use buttons as a focal point in her pieces. In the world of craft, we see lots of button jewelry, but we don't often see pieces of this caliber. These buttons are carefully sewn in, like little mementos. Maybe they are from a loved one's shirt and newly stitched to a swatch of fabric from their coat? There is a story being told here that we can all relate to. 

I got to fiddle with these Loop de Loops. They are just as stunning in person. I quite smitten with this design, it's a simple play on repetition of shape that is elegantly done. The near uninterrupted flow of the ear wire brings the whole design together completing it's perfection. I just added them to my wish list. 

happy monday!
xo, Kim

ps: there's more to be seen here and here