studio days

I took some time the other day to clip some weeds around the studio grounds. Then I made this sweet little arrangement to brighten up my desk. I do love looking up from my computer to see it.
I knew there was a reason I had kept some stout bottles around, they are the perfect vase for this arrangement.

I discovered a new way to texture my moon post earrings. Previously I'd draw line after line with a scribe and ruler. I am sure you can guess just how tedious it was. I'm not quite ready to reveal my secret, but it involved using this mighty hammer. 

And Kurtis, the studio snail, is getting along wonderfully in his new abode. I added some orchid potting soil, a rock and grass and leaves from outside. He loves honeycrisp apples!

Now back to work, punching out moon post earrings from textured sheet was never the easy part. I now have a magical machine called and arbor press that makes this so much easier. Easier on my shoulder, easier to cut them closer to reduce waste of materials, really, just easier!

Then it's dapping time. It isn't the most fun job but I get by with plugging into a good audio book and hammering away. And I love hammers, especially old vintage hammers stamped with the previous owner's name.

After some intense soldering it's time to clean these babies up. 

Sometimes I look up from my texturing, hammering, soldering and disc cutting to see an amazing sky.

Or I catch a golden sunset.

And trees look neon in the light. 

Glowing like flames.

Our views can be pretty great.

And the buildings fascinate me. Who worked behind these now boarded up windows?

After I take in some sights, I'm back to work with some coffee close by. There's always more soldering to be done.

This is autumn in the life of a crafter. Make, Make, Make. 
What does your autumn bring?
xo, Kim