callie rose

My blog has been slow running as of late. My Callie girl has been under the weather and we don't get out for our adventures in the city. Therefore, I take far less photos than usual.
A few weeks ago miss Rose hurt her knee while on a jaunt with her daddy. She let out a yelp and hasn't made a peep over pain since. She is one strong little lady. It seems she tore her cruciate ligament. So, it's been lots of bed rest for this girl. We've been taking good care of her, mixing up supplements in yogurt to slip them into her food and taking her for acupuncture or as we call it, pupupuncture. As always, Callie Rose takes everything with a wag of the tail and with big puppy eyes. We still get dances with her toys when we get home from work, always the gracious hostess giving you the warmest welcome you'll ever receive. She knows just the right thing to make your day better, sweetness and love. 

Here's to short walks and a speedy recovery!
xo, kim + callie too