an east side stroll + a french bulldog

This past week I took le petit chien, also known as Emmett, for a little stroll.
I guess his neighbor was holding an impromptu used book sale on their stone wall.

Back to le petit chein, it is funny to actually walk a dog. See, it is usually Callie that walks me. 

And Emmett doesn't mind one bit if I stop to take pictures. 

He doesn't pull in the opposite direction to sniff something more interesting. 

He perks his bat ears up even more to be on the lookout for a new adventure.

And he has a photogenic neighborhood. With good coffee nearby. And the best chocolate croissants.

Aren't these doorbells charming?

But this letter slot wins in the charm department. I have letter slot envy.

And, well, I am just a weird gal who is attracted to rusted, deteriorating metal.

I left le petit chien to go get that amazing coffee and even better croissant. He was sad to see me go. I bet he knew I would have snuck him a crumb or two (without any chocolate on it of course).

I've never been in this bakery. It's the sign I'm smitten with. Do you have a favorite treat here? I'd love a recommendation. 

This is my absolute favorite rooftop on the east side. 

In fact, this photo pales in comparison to the one above. 

I just realized the time, this girl needs some shut eye. After all, I am the hostess of the turkey and non-turkey festivities tomorrow. 
xo, kim