a little last bit of autumn

I am so grateful to have gotten in this amazing autumn stroll. 
Everything is gleaming in gold.

With emerald still lingering.

It's a stunning combination.

Grass is still nice and green through the fallen leaves.

It's hard to believe that we already got snow.

And this particular day felt more like spring.

But I will take what I can get. With all of the making I've been doing it's hard to find time to get outside and breathe in fresh air. I'm grateful for crisp breezes and bursts of color. If only I allowed myself this time more often. Next year, and this time I mean it, I will take better care of myself. I will let my life creep back into my schedule, take time to breathe, relax and use my muscles for something other than hammering. This is a promise I vow to keep.

happy autumn!
xo, kim