molly m designs

Here it is November and I still have a pile of cards of my favorite makers from the New York International Gift Fair. And yes, I still intend to write about each and every last artist whose work I pawed over back in August. 
As a maker who uses simple shapes in her designs I appreciate the collections made by Molly M Designs. Her medium, wood, is manipulated with a laser cutter, a method she originally employed to make architectural models. I think it is her background in architecture which helps her to stand out in the laser cutting crowd. Through the eyes of an architect she approaches her materials in a different manner. Molly pays attention to color, texture and layering, making her forms more complex than they may appear from afar.

Unlike most folks who use this medium Molly doesn't cut an abstract shape and glue a pin back on it. Upon close inspection you realize she layers pieces, mixes fabric with wood and changes up her shapes. Circles vary in size, stretching to become ovals or overlapping to become a group marquises resembling petals. It is in these details we seek our appreciation for jewelry and home goods, they are objects which are meant to be touched and further inspected.

Molly also creates depth through her use of line, alternating between a full cut forming negative space or using a more shallow cut to create a gesture and illusion of depth. 

This last set of earrings looks to me like an overlay of the land. What you see from an airplane heading into the sky and away from the city. A group of forms, becoming muddled. You are unsure of where one house begins and the other ends. Maybe that is just the reason Molly found her voice in jewelry. It is her work from beginning to end. 

take a look at more lovely lasercut pieces by Molly M Designs here

happy friday!
xo, kim