happy christmas!

It's been a few years now since I made my own cards so I went all out this year.

I bought some linoleum blocks thinking that I would carve them. 

In the end I cut triangles from pieces of rubber blocks and mounted them to the back of the lino blocks. 

I had fun mixing the paint.

And using a briar for the very first time! 
{well I guess I did give one a little roll on the moveable type truck} so this is the first time I've used one all on my own like a big girl. 

I wasn't happy with any of the green paint options so I mixed some gold in with the basic green. Each tree was a slightly different shade but they all shimmered.

I enjoyed seeing progress. 

And the third tree got some silver mixed in. 
I couldn't make a card without it looking like it was covered in metal dust. 

I really loved hanging them on the clothes line to dry. I felt so accomplished. 

It seems that we needed more than triangles with stumps. So, I cut some stars from an old cork. 

And the trees were topped. I used a regular old ink pad for the stars and stumps. It seemed easier considering the size. 

Keeping with tradition I made the Callie stamp. It's been seven years now in which I have been putting my girl's face on holiday postage. I have family members who collect her stamps. The first year I did it we received a ton of compliments. While everyone was discussing the Callie stamp one of my aunts asked how everyone liked the stamps she made of her kids. No one noticed those. Callie proved to win the popularity contest.

Finally, my completed pile. Signed, sealed and ready to deliver. 

happy christmas! happy everything and anything you celebrate!
xo, kim + callie too