happy new year from Callie Rose

the sweetest face around has a new year greeting for you...

here's a few tips on how to live like a Callie girl..

*when someone does something to make you happy show it. if you don't have a tail to wag, smile or give a hug. people like hugs.

*greet those you love like you haven't seen them in ages. I prefer to get a toy and dance and squeak but hugs, hellos and exclamations of 'it's so good to see you' are perfectly acceptable. don't ever let those people forget just how much you appreciate them in your life.

*dance like no one is watching. let loose, you only live once. and dancing with a partner is even better!

*always be excited to go someplace new. be happy for adventures in the car. some rides end up someplace scary like the vet but others bring you to pretty cities and with new smells and yummy food.

*always find time to snuggle. it's nice to feel loved and give love in return. there is always time in your busy day for a snuggle. and I promise, it'll make your day better.

*spend more time outside sniffing and getting to know your surroundings. once i get my knee surgery and recover i vow to go for lots of walks and know where every last dog in the neighborhood likes to pee. while i do this mom gets to take pictures which inspire her work and she samples coffee in new neighborhoods. exercise and inspiration go a long way to living the zen life. 

*and think of yourself first. for instance, when an itch comes on when your mama is calling you to eat, stop and scratch that itch. take care of yourself first so you can give your loved ones your full attention when you answer their call. if you treat yourself well, you will be even better to the ones you love. 

happy new year!
xo, Callie Rose 
{yes, mama gave me my own last name}