still in bloom

I have a confession to make. I stop into Olga's a few times a week to get their sourdough rolls. Since I am making a confession I'll go all the way... I also get coffee, an occasional seeded bagel, and something sweet, my newest favorite being the cocoa rugelach. But the indulgent secret is that I use the sourdough for lunch to make my super yummy cheese and butter sandwich. That's right, cheese and butter sandwich. And this is nearly an everyday lunch item for me. I'd like to think that I learned this from my grandmother but made it healthier. She was famous for putting butter on powdered doughnuts and graham crackers. I add cheese, protein, now that's nutrition!

Now onto the flowers, these yellow coneflowers are still in bloom in the lovely courtyard at Olga's

One of my favorite parts of visiting the land of indulgent treats is seeing what is in bloom in the nooks and crannies of the brick eating area.

I do love seeing these flowers hanging around. I just wonder what will come of them next year. Yesterday as I was leaving a metalsmith supply shop I saw a tree with the smallest pink blooms peeking out from it's branches. Is nature ever confused. Will this unseasonably warm weather mess with spring next year?

So, you have my secrets. I've spilled them all. For years I've been tricking the likes of you with my vegetarian diet giving the false impression of healthy eating. But it's really all butter, cheese and sweets. 

happy weekend!
don't forget to visit me at Mass Market on Sunday.
xo, kim