Thank you, Boston!

After a gloomy start towards Boston this past Sunday morn it turns out that not turning around and climbing back into bed was the best decision I've made this whole year. We don't need to discuss the details of the gloomy start but trying to make up for time with speedy driving only made us arrive late to the amazing venue that is Bazaar Bizarre Boston

photo of the masses thanks so Sarah Coyne of egg-a-go-go

It was a busy day, a complete blur of selling bling and wrapping pretty little boxes up with twine. I got to meet some twitter friends in real life, found a few spare minutes to chat with some favorite crafters and even do some handmade holiday shopping. Once I was home and settled, I tallied the day up to discover that Bazaar Bizarre Boston was my best sale ever. And since the seven hours of selling was such a whirlwind I didn't realize until today, while entering what little inventory I had left, that there were some products that definitely hit the spot in Boston. 

It seems that my favorite neighboring city is smitten with green. These box earrings were a huge hit. So much so that I was glad I had some wire already cut, with the edges smoothed and tumbled for spring tucked away in my totes. I made a few extra pairs of these olive jade box earrings in the rare moments between rushes of customers. In the end even making on the spot wasn't enough, I sold out.

First frost was a huge hit as well. These are on my to make list for this week. I'm pretty excited that my new winter colors were so warmly welcomed. It really warms this bling makers heart when new work sells out.

I brought back these silver lining earrings from retirement. Am I ever glad I did, they sold really well. So much so that I need to get some supplies to make these fast. I wouldn't want to set up shop at Mass Market on the 11th without them. 

So, Boston, let's meet up again this Sunday at Mass Market! I'll be restocked and ready for action!
xo, kim

 and thanks for making my holiday making season bright!
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