DIY finger paints

I found this finger paint recipe here on pinterest. As I have never before used finger paints I felt the instructions needed a little more, shall we say,  instruction. The ingredients listed below are what I started with. Since I was making two batches of six colors and had some trial and error problems I made one batch to start, tripled this the second time and then made one final batch for good measure. 

I started with these ingredients in a saucepan on medium heat. 

It started out looking like warm milk. I made certain to mix most of the time it was heating, mashing up areas where the cornstarch started to thicken first. 

Once it is all heated and fully incorporated it takes on the texture of petroleum jelly. Since I was mixing all the while it is pretty consistent. 

I removed enough to fill one 5 ounce spice jar {bought from Ikea} and put it in a pyrex mixing bowl. I didn't have a small spatula so I used a plastic spoon to mix the color. The food coloring was a gel colorant used for cake icing. {Had I been making these for toddlers who may want to sample it I would have used a natural food colorants. I'm not all that into red #4.} There wasn't a hard and fast rule to the amount of color I added, just enough to achieve a rich, consistent hue.  

Also, I found that while I was mixing the colors it helped to keep the remaining uncolored paint in a covered saucepan. It was much easier and consistent to mix while warm. I scooped them into the spice jars while warm too. As I had to add water to the first batch because I didn't think to cover the pan while I was mixing colors it started to thicken too much as it cooled. I thought any condensation that built up while the colors were in their jars would help keep them moist and consistent. 

And here we are, I decided to mix secondary colors for my nephews. They are 5 and 6, color theory can wait a few years. For now, they just need to have some fun and get their fingers dirty. 

Right before it was time to deliver these I realized I hadn't thought of packaging. Then I came across some clementine crates. I wrapped them up in holiday paper, used some tissue paper inside for padding and addressed them with my ever so favorite paper source labels. Of course these were given with rolls of paper from Ikea. When it comes to supplies that place can't be beat. I just hope they have enough paint to fill the roll. 

I thought some of you may still have some kiddos home on vacation so I shared it sooner rather then later. This is a easy way to keep them busy and maybe even play along. For one time use you could easily get away with a batch or two instead of my hefty 12 jar quota. 

happy monday!
xo, kim