handmade holiday, what I treated myself to..

I started my handmade holiday early. While it was still warm and sunny I ordered myself a little houses coat. I wanted a longer coat and I wanted to indulge in a little houses coat so it was a match made in heaven. 

You can't tell here but it clears my bottom. No lower back draft for me. She was also sweet enough to line the cowl because this girl can't deal with wool touching her skin. I am in dire need of a better picture of me in this coat. It fits like a dream and I get many compliments on it. 

Once I had my new coat I needed some accessories for it. After perusing Liz Smith's booth at Bazaar Bizarre I couldn't get this heart brooch out of my head. 

Now I have myself a Made In Lowell brooch for my new coat. I'm smitten! It is the perfect shade of orange with green stitching. That crafty Liz has an eye for color. 

I came across this bag by accident. I swear I was looking for a gift for someone but the lace had me mesmerized. So, I came home from Mass Market with a Forest Bound bag and I haven't looked back since.

I just had to accent it with this pin from Rar Rar Press. That's right.

Have I mentioned that it is dangerous to live so close to Craftland? I never seem to deliver a batch of bling without buying something. While chatting with the sweet Devienna I tried on some Candy Thief headbands. On that day I left empty handed, rare I know. When I returned for meet the artist night I left with this headband. I'm in love. 

Looking back it seems I may have an addiction to buying handmade. 
There are worse things in life to get hooked on.
xo, kim