january photo a day : days 24-31

I am a little late to the photo of the day game, so this is my first recap. All photos are taken/altered with instagram. I'm finding this challenge proposed by fat mum slim to be quite inspiring. My eyes are wide open ready to take in more of my daily life, looking for a different angle in which to capture the theme of the day. I set out with the topic in mind, trying not to go for the obvious keeping this fun challenge fresh.  

day 24 : guilty pleasure... packing peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in my lunch.
day 25 : something I made... new series of forget-me-not necklaces.  

day 26 : colour... red + aqua, my new favorite color combination.
day 27 : lunch.. I stopped by Olga's for some coffee + a delightful seeded bagel.
day 28 : light... light shining through a textured window, creating shadows and depth to patterns.
day 29 : inside your fridge... my new avocado colored butter dish. it makes me feel all grown up.
day 30 : nature... I decided to capture nature indoors, mementos taken from walks, pieces of nature I just can't leave behind.

day 31 : me, again. this one I did on two parts. Me at home..

day 31 : me, again... me out and about, as most folks see me around town.

Won't you please join us? It's great fun. Maybe it is the little kid in me who misses homework assignments. I suppose it is about time I confess.. I am a nerd at heart.
xo, kim