save the usps 2012

A few weeks ago on twitter the lovely Sarah Coyne of eggagogo started a call out to gather addresses for her campaign of saving the usps through letter writing. 

I immediately jumped at the chance to get in on the fun and sent out my own request for addresses. Callie Rose and I got some cards together. We sent out a mix of our own handmade winter cardsheatherjeany stationery, and jill bliss cards. One of my secret indulgences is stationery and I was happy to send part of my collection out into the world.

Seeing as Callie did such a great job posing for the stamp used to help save the usps, I thought she should have her name in with the return address.

In case I haven't told you before, Callie has her own last name.

And the best part of this campaign is my letters just starting arriving! I am amazed at the effort these other ladies put into their parcels. Picking stationery, writing personal notes full of encouraging words..

..and even putting together sweet care packages. This one is from Tabitha of a lil expression and tbell photography. This is one of my favorites. Even her business card is adorable. 

If you'd like to join in on the fun send your name and address along to with the subject of 'save the usps 2012'. I'd be happy to send some more stationery out into the world. And there are still some Callie stamps left which should be even more incentive to email me. 

I've been thinking of extending the fun and sending out monthly letters. It gives me a good excuse to buy more stationery. It keeps us corresponding on a more personal level. It keeps the usps working. 
Are you in?

xo, kim