I never take well stacked fruit for granted. As a girl working in the florist of a supermarket for many years I saw the guys in produce carefully stacking apple after apple just for a child to put out the bottom fruit and cause the collapse of a perfectly sculpted apple pyramid resulting in the guy swearing under his breath.
I was beyond excited to see this box of citrus with leaves attached in complimentary color perfection. I boldly went ahead and choose a way too expensive fruit with a head full of leaves for my tasting pleasure. {and yes, photo taking pleasure too!}

I carefully placed my items on the conveyer belt, cold items together, fruit together, properly laid out for ease of bagging. When the cashier came to my beautiful citrus fruit with at least five leaves {a full head of hair!}, she plucked them off, looked at her handful of leaves in an irritated, disgusted manner before throwing those perfect leaves in the trash, tossed the fruit about looking for a price code then rolled it down the next conveyer belt to the bagger. My heart sank. I know my fruit just won't taste the same. And I am a virgin to this variety who's name escapes me.

I fought back so many naughty names, curses, and halted the foot stomping. Instead I hung my head and pushed my cart to my car. After spending years as a cashier I know damn well I would have offered a separate bag and a super safe place to keep such a prize. It would have been treated better than the eggs and bread. I'm pretty sure that woman's heart was frozen and her life sucked out of her. This happened Saturday, I am still bitter and my recovery outlook is not so good, foggy at best.

and happy day to you!
xo, kim