jewelry district {via hipstamatic}

Now that I have my hipstamatics to compare to my Lumix images, I realize I am far more in love with the hipstamatics. 
The film seems to draw out the colors that attract me.

And the lens softens the edges just enough.

Even the framing works for me.

I had some fun playing with new ways to capture fire escapes. 

I won't tire of them but I bet my readers will.

Hipstamatics have a way of adding some great color to sunlight. It makes the image so magical.

Maybe it is the metal I am attracted to...

This is easily one of my favorite shots from my jewelry district stroll.

Another favorite subject is capturing nature within the urban landscape.

The contrast is lovely.

And what I love most about living here.

Aside from the good croissants.

There's a perfect balance to the cold, hard brick and delicate branches.

I hope to visit here in the spring and summer to see what grows here.

But sometimes it is just as sweet to see the sky through the bare trees. 

Or the side of a building through bare vines.

New England is pretty amazing that way, we get to see nature in all its forms. 

Patinated metal!

A tree not completely naked, but I love seeing the sky through it's branches and pods.

Funny to find graffiti on a quaint little gate.

The same tree shadow I captured with my point and shoot, I may love this one more.

View of the electric company from the jewelry district.

I must admit, I am really starting to get a crush on this neighborhood. 

happy monday {again!}
xo, kim