jewelry district {via point + shoot}

Here are photos of my adventures in the jewelry district, taken with an actual digital camera.

I am forever intrigued by fire escapes. 

The view of downcity from the jewelry district isn't too shabby.

The repetition may be one of the things that attracts me to these metal structures.

This quaint little area was full of some amazing vines.

And secret pathways.

I fell in love. 

There's so much nature in the city here.

I dream of having a studio and little shop around here. 


Aren't these pretty ingenious space markers for a parking lot?

I've tried taking some of these pods home before, be warned, they will explode in your car when you least expect it.

The reflections made this entrance all the more interesting.

I've been into capturing shadows lately. I love that the actual tree is in the upper corner of this photo.

And still with the great views.

This sign is perfectly weathered, leaving behind just the right amount of golden bling.

I tried to get more of the skyline in but it's tough to see it all. I bet this would be a brilliant shot at night.

And my favorite all alone, the Industrial Trust Building.

Doesn't this look like an old camera? I am guessing it is a vent of sorts. Either way, it amuses me.

happy monday!
xo, kim