love of flowers

just a few iphone flower photographs. some blooms just in time for the snow.
ranunculus via hipstamatic

jasmine via instagram + hipstamatic and arranged by diptic

tulips via shake it photo + hipstamatic and arranged by diptic. 

daffodils + yoko ono poms at Olga's via instagram
I'm sort of addicted to flowers. I love having tulips in my home at all times. The white ranunculus were a sort of test to see if I could love flowers void of vibrant colors {they passed}. The jasmine was the perfect find at Trader Joes and man does my bathroom ever smell sweet. And those daffodils mixed with green poms are a match made in heaven. Just as the coffee and bagel brunch was. Thank you, Olga's!

and happy leap year! any plans for your extra day?
xo, kim