narragansett electric : exterior {via point + shoot}

Here is the Narragansett Electric part of my jewelry district photo shoot.
The building is an amazing shell housing even more amazing bones.

And well gated, all of my photos were taken through a fence.

It may be empty but it is full of character.

There was a cop stationed right under this photo. I think I made it clear I meant no harm, he let me pass down the alley to photograph without question. I was delighted, this building is what brought me to the jewelry district to begin with.

There is a contrast between well maintained brick and rusted beams inside.

And amongst all of the weeds growing against the fence, this is the best I came across.

I've always loved milkweed.

Dried, flowering, shedding seeds, I love it in any form.

There is a great view of the stacks from here.

The bridges too.

The point street bridge may be my favorite, it gets me from the coffee exchange to Olga's. 

In the life of a crafter, even your camera can put a bird on things for you.

I am so amazed at the scale of the structures here.

As per usual, it makes me feel short.

But they are impressive.

I always wonder how may rivets they are made of. 
{Yeah, that is a total metalsmith curiosity!}

With the sky looking this amazing it is hard to believe it is still winter.

Architecture is so attracting to me, I can't believe how terrible I was at learning about it in school.

I didn't get close enough to tell if this is perfectly patinated or just painted the loveliest shade of aqua.

This weathered paint was just too pretty to pass up.

happy thursday!
xo, kim