narragansett electric {via hipstamatic}

These shots are nearly the same {content-wise} as the ones taken with my point and shoot camera. I hope you don't mind seeing them again, to me it provides a whole new perspective. 

Colors get amped up...

..edges get a little softer..

..allowing your eye to focus on what I find important..

..arches and rectangles all in threes.

..rusted bones in a shell of a building..

..large pipes blending with grafitti..

..towers, bridges and stacks..

..the electric company which when seen from the highway lets me know I am home..

..the lovely curve of this bridge..

..the places this bridge gets me to and from..

..and the arches multiply..

..doesn't aqua and yellow look so good together in an over saturated exposure.. do rusted gates and graffiti..

..and crooked lamps against the jewel blue sky..'s seems i have a thing for weathered objects, this paint is beautiful.

i also captured a few things that caught my eye on my walk back downtown.. how well i matched the sidewalk..

..and this jazzy cock in a shop window..

..this entryway brought back memories of my father's shop on north main street in fall river, where entrances were full of tiled shop names and addresses. i miss those days..

..and the Providence Performing Arts Center always catches my eye. The bright lights on the front, the amazing details of the building, right down to the wrought iron morning glories gracing the windows.

i love this city!
xo, kim