a neighborhood stroll

My neighbor was feeling a little under the weather so she asked me to take her pup for a stroll.
It's been months since I've been able to walk Callie girl to the park so I didn't hesitate in saying yes.

I've missed the neighborhood. Watching plants slowly come to life or start to dry or decompose. 

I love the cycle of the seasons and they have slipped past me.

I could take the walk alone, but it isn't the same. Without my girl, it is just too lonely. 

But Boo was more than happy to sniff while I shot a few winter photos.

Not that the weather is all that winter-like. 

But the leaves finally fell. And the park is bare.

And the winter weeds are lingering, waiting for true signs of spring. 

and by spring, Callie girl will be up to walks again. a
nd this mama will be a happy one.
happy monday!
xo, kim