new stickers!

I have been playing around with some new little extras for my packaging. I can't seem to stop coming up with uses for paper source labels, my typewriter and hand-carved stamps. 

These little 'thank you.' stickers seal closed tiny envelopes with my words of gratitude typed onto a tiny card inside. These cards are included with shop orders and consignment shipments. I really can't thank folks enough for buying/selling handmade.

And I love the accent of this ruby star on the chartreuse paper. 
I hand-cut these stars from old wine corks. I love the texture the cork creates!

This is generally how my packages are labeled. I do love handwriting a little message but realized that it may not work for reusing boxes and envelopes. 

So, I bought some sticker paper from the paper source so I could make these sweet stickers any size or shape I wanted. And they can be removed for reusing shipping materials.

Of course I carved a heart in an old cork to make the look more, well, me. 

And here is the whole package ready to ship.

This is a great project for days spent home waiting for your car to be fixed. 
happy weekend!
xo, kim

ps: to see these in person, get shopping!