photo skill a day : days 2-10

I came across another photo a day challenge by called photography skills. I really dig this project, it makes you look at every little thing you see in a different way, or every little thing I see through my instagram lens. 
day 2 : shadow
shadow of a railing on the studio grounds

day 3 : portrait
me, part one

day 3 : portrait
me, part two

day 4 : pattern
radiator cover

day 5 : landscape
run down city scape in Providence

day 6 : motion
l'artisan cafe ceiling

day 7 : shape
triangle + circle 

day 8 : still life
objects collected from neighborhood strolls

day 9 : S-Curve
railing in the city

day 10 : ordinary object
coffee measuring spoon by extraordinary makers, Beehive Kitchenware
You can find me on instagram as @kobrienjewelry. 
Join us, won't you? Kim