pretty sky, stuck in traffic

Places I can be stuck in traffic: New York City {especially Times Square}, on my way to a fun adventure that I can be late for, Boston {in the city not highway}, leaving a concert or a Celtics game...
Places it drives me mad to be stuck in traffic: malls and specifically Wrentham Outlets.

I was grateful for such a dramatic sky and lots of naked trees to add some dark lines to the lovely blues...

...and rows of power lines to break up the landscape. 

Another thing I despise about being stuck in traffic is having your gas tank continually beeping because it is low and you are really just 73 seconds from a gas station but there are 92 cars in front of you. This is why I try to shop local and handmade. 

rant over.
back to the love.
happy thursday!
xo, kim
with extra hugs!

ps: I took these while hanging out of the sunroof of my beloved VW.