studio brick

Yet again I've realized that the path I take to my studio mailbox looks different to me every time.
I notice a shadow instead of the railing.

The repetition of color..

..and shapes.

I had long thought I came to the conclusion that I love our green doors against the rust colored brick..

..then I found this red door and can't decide which I love best.

I discovered this in a never before explored alley. I love the turquoise and pea green together. Also the contrast of how two very different materials age. Metal is overcome with moss while the wood gets weathered away.

I will never grow old of these stars. 

All of the snow last year caused these new white marks and patterns on the exterior of the buildings. It makes me miss snow this year, but the patterns are quite pretty.

I will always find the silhouettes cast by the towers to be just dreamy. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim