I am attracted to texture. It instantly gets my mind thinking of how to create it in metal.
This photo of paint peeling makes me wonder if I could create this with enamel. The challenge would be to make a sound structure that appeared fragile so one could still wear it. Or is this best as a wall piece to be admired but not touched? Or maybe the erosion of such a piece would be more interesting than a sounds piece where the wearer plays the role of the elements?

I love the subtle shade of gold over the "patinated" brick. This could be easily created with reticulation but I think playing with hammers would be more fun and fulfilling. 

Somehow this peeling paint is completely different than the first photo. I like the way the first color is intact and revealed trough the crevices of the new coat. Maybe a form of champlevé could achieve this? Or adding a few layers of color, one atop the other and filing bits of the top coat away? I'd like to experiment.

Layering of metal in different shapes may make for a lovely basse-taille. I love playing with transparent enamels. I need to get back to my roots and fiddle with these techniques.

Brick holds a subtle texture but its layers and grout make is more interesting. Maybe I need to take a sheet of metal and hammer it over some brick. What do you think the results would be? Subtly beautiful and well captured under transparent enamels is how I see this working out.

happy making! 
if you try any of these out please share them here on my facebook page. I'd love to see your experiments in metal and color.

xo, kim