thrifted jewelry displays

I had a gallery request that I supply my own displays for my jewelry. I never had this request before and at first I was stressed over the idea. I worried that I wouldn't find displays that matched my aesthetic and the gallery's. And since most of my displays are thrifted I was worried about how long it would take to gather up the odds and ends I needed, not to mention time spent refinishing the pieces. There are many more little displays for this sweet little shop but I am saving the grand unveiling for when my collection is neatly assembled in a glass case.

I've seen a lot of folks use embroidery hoops with lace to display earrings but I wanted a more substantial and rectangular frame. {As I neglected to take before and after shots I will need to use my words to share this project with you.} I found a white picture frame at Savers an bought a lace curtain there as well. Getting a lace curtain is key in keeping the costs down, you get a lot of lace for your money. I wasn't keen on the frame being just white so I painted the outer facet which worked well, it matches the lace. 

I cut the lace much larger than the size of the frame so I had some extra fabric to get my hands on. You want the lace to be nice and taut so you need some extra inches to get a good hold on. So, with a helper and a trusty staple gun I got the lace in place. Once it was stapled in nice and tight I cut the excess material away. This works just as well lying flat as is does hanging on the wall. 

My favorite finds are those that require nothing more than a quick soak in the sink. I'm a huge fan of glass dishes and trays. Some {like this one} come in great colors, others have etched designs that I adore and others just need a few coats of spray paint to bring out the character of the piece. {I'll do a post on the spray painted glass pieces soon!} I adore this plate to show off my forget-me-not collection. It's simple and it works. And with glass plates you don't need to worry about the color taking away from your work as you may with thrifted ceramic plates.

happy monday!
xo, kim