indie designs + handmade: what i wore

The other day I had fun with shades of grey and repeating shapes. 
But don't I do this most days? It seems to be my uniform as of late.
 I adore this poketo shirt, every time I wear it I find a new image in that tree. It reminds me of the sort of 'find ten items out of place in this picture' games you'd find on the back of cereal boxes as a kid. My new leaf hair pin by the littlest bean is my new favorite accessory for this shirt. [Actually, it is my new favorite for just about every shirt.] The color is perfect and it mimics the leaves found in this fun tree. 

As I've had these Elliot Bird Studs by Figs + Ginger for over a year these have always been my earrings of choice to wear with this shirt. Grey birds are just the perfect accent!

I'm sure your aren't surprised to learn that I wore a pair of vans [as well as a shifted skirt] with the items above. I adore my flocked vans. I will wear them until threadbare and sole-less. 

happy tuesday!
xo, kim