makin' it [old school edition]

Back in my days at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth we were set to the task of learning stone setting. Not buying a pre-made setting and putting a stone in it stone setting, but fabricating settings to set the stone in sort of stone setting. 
 We were encouraged to do some practice pieces just to get the hang of making these settings. 

 But I had just come back from Blithewold Gardens with a leaf similar to the one above. I was in love with its simplicity, irregular edges and subtle movement. I ordered some silver and went to a local stone cutter to get an oval peridot to capture the color of the leaf. After some sawing, hammering, forming and soldering I managed to manipulate a sheet of silver into a leaf and set the peridot. Not well, but well enough that it is still in place eleven years later. 

Here's my gingko hair pin. I recently shined it up a little and decided to make a point of wearing it. 

After I took this picture I realized how much fun I had making this piece, all of the tools I used, a new way of adding color... and concluded that I needed to make more. More to sell, more to make into brooches, hair pins and bracelets...a series.

It won't be soon but these are on my long list of things to make. I look forward to sharing a new series with you. Hopefully sooner than later.

happy monday! xo, kim

ps: this is a post meant to connect with my customers and readers. it is not a DIY post. please read this post if you think otherwise.