makin' it

I am starting to find my groove again in the studio. Slowly but surely, I am getting back into the swing of things. My next order of business is to get myself working earlier but for now I will take what I can get.

 This week I worked on making some box earrings. I realized how simple they look yet there is a lot that goes into them. Sharing these steps seemed in order. I start with measuring and cutting silver wire...

 ..smoothing the ends of the wires so they don't snag when putting these lovely earrings on. And not shown is the time they spend in the tumbler giving the silver wire some spring and a little strength.

After the dirty work is done I took these home to work on. It's cozier in my little office/craft room with the records playing and my pup wandering in to say hello. I start out making eye hooks for the catch on the back of the earrings. Then I put some brightly colored beads on and get bending. For those of you who have made earrings, you know it isn't easy getting two earrings the same length. Needless to say this step takes some fiddling and tweaking.

 Now they are neatly packaged on my business cards. I use an awl and a hammer to make tiny holes to fit the wires through. Being the detail oriented jeweler I am I try and package them on cards to compliment the color of the beads.

There are some sweet new beads in my box collection. Every time I go to reorder my standard beads I discover some new ones I love. Right now they are only sold at the wonderful Craftland which has been restocked with other goodies! So, Providence peeps, get your shop on.

happy, happy monday!
xo, kim

ps: this is a post meant to connect with my customers and readers. it is not a DIY post. please read this post if you think otherwise.