makin' it

Here's what I've been making this past week...

 ..forget-me-not necklaces.
I first start with cleaning the castings then I solder a jump ring onto the back of the flower for a bail. I've left out some of the boring parts like cleaning solder from every last piece. You can thank me!

 There are lots of tools and many steps needed to make these seemingly simple necklaces.

 For the clasp I start by making a small loop at the end of silver wire.

 I then use some flat pliers to get my first bend in.

Since the clasps are so tiny I need to alternate pliers to get my bends in. 

 My clasps are designed to mimic the shape of the petals in the forget-me-not flower. It's little details like that I love putting into my work.

 Next I hammer the round wire, just a little, to add some strength to the clasps. 

 The clasps on these get soldered after the flower has been cleaned [of solder and fire scale], textured, oxidized and tumbled. This is because the flowers are so perfectly tiny and won't fit over the clasps. 

Here is the clasp-cleaning lineup. Once I clean the solder from the clasps I oxidize the chains to match the oxidized flowers. The ones that remain silver get brass brushed for a little shine.

Here are the lovely results after my days of production. I am smitten with the oxidized one and wear it almost daily. I don't often have the luxury of making jewelry for myself but I made an exception for this necklace and even made myself earrings to match. 

happy monday!
what have you been making?

xo, kim

ps: this is a post meant to connect with my customers and readers. it is not a DIY post. please read this post if you think otherwise.