Our visit to The Steel Yard

Last Friday, I went to The Steel Yard open house. It's been a while since I visited. This time I was able to see demos, one of my favorites being the blacksmithing demo as it was the first time I've seen a blacksmith in action. I so want to take a class now. 

It was a nice surprise to see Amie Plante giving some jewelry making demonstrations. [I have been lucky enough to have her guidance through some metal projects.] I had a great time browsing her sample pieces. I love her chased pieces which she enameled after. They are simply gorgeous, especially for samples. 

There was a yard sale there too and this was my favorite item.

But I also loved the furnace for blacksmithing. Especially after I saw the demo.

The Steel Yard has made leaps and bounds from its meager beginnings. Even the pathways are well designed. I recall the early days where windows were optional.

This reminds me of the Ikea project where folks lived in the Metro station in Paris. Do you think you could fit in here and live amongst an iron forge?

I do love their icon.

This is another detail of the outdoor blacksmithing furnace.

I just love seeing The Steel Yard's trash barrels and bike racks around town. They are always well designed and I love knowing they are handmade.

Best pooper scooper sign I've ever seen.

This picture makes me miss shared studio spaces. It may seem silly but it is a warm reminder of my college days. We had icons like JFK asking us 'ask not what your studio can do for you, but what you can do for your studio' and Sly telling us to wear safety glasses. How, I miss those days.

happy thursday!
xo, kim