thrifted: bar cart refashioned into a turntable stand

So, I got a turntable. While looking for a new table to put it on I came across this old 60's bar cart at Salvation Army. Immediately, I  knew this would be perfect for holding my new to me turntable and records. 

While I loved the yellow I decided it needed to be brighter.

And since the glass was cracked and the wood underneath wasn't in the best shape I decided to line the shelves with paper. 

After much priming I got out my turquoise paint. It seems like I applied a few hundred coats.
[it turned out that the primer wasn't all that helpful so after I painted the bar cart I sprayed the cart with a clear gloss for extra protection]

I added this paper from the Paper Source to the shelves. Between the turquoise and the daisies, this piece still carries the spirit of the 60's and is just perfect as a turntable stand.

I used this gloss medium from Utrecht to seal the paper, making it waterproof and easy to clean. It also acts as a glue, adhering the paper to the wood's surface.

Another unexpected plus was that the color of this cabinet brightens up the greyish blue I chose for the walls in my craft room. 

And the whole setup fit! I am super happy with the results. Oh, I should also mention that I spray painted the knobs on the door. Once I removed them the wooden centers came out easily and the spray paint adhered without a fuss.

Now... to get started on that record collection!
xo, kim