thrifted + handmade: what I wore

The other day I needed a little pick me up. It had been raining for a while and I had a party to go to for my Arts in RI team. I decided to ditch my usual uniform of jeans and get out a vintage frock that I hadn't worn yet. If the spring weather wasn't co-operating I was bringing the good cheer of spring with me.

It turned out that I had the most perfect clogs to match my party dress. I love happy accidents. 

These shots are pre accessories. 

And it may look like a lot of sun is shining in, but the day quickly turned grey.

I've had these earrings for about six years now. I bought them at a RISD alumni sale and have since forgotten the artist's name. They couldn't have been more perfect to accent my frock!

This lapis ring is an early design of mine. I made this as a third year jewelry/metals student. Only a few family members have a similar ring. I still love its simplicity. You can't see it here but the back of the band gets thinner so you can bend your finger. Big + functional!

I also dug out one of my first pieces of enamelwork. This was my very first champlevé. The design is inspired by iron work. I put some elements from different pieces together to create my own design. 

With some help from my professor I came up with a bail that mimicked the design I had pierced out of the metal by hand. It is one of my favorite details. 

It isn't easy to capture this piece, it is ever so shiny. Ten years later, I am still in love with it.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim