city stroll: New Bedford

I had the most fabulous romp in New Bedford last Saturday. It was great fun to visit my old stomping ground. I loved living here while I finished my sixth year of bachelor studies and often fancy myself moving back here. The art scene is alive and thriving!

This is one of those lucky shots you just couldn't plan. I loved this sequin star in a window display and took an attempting to capture it. I hadn't realized until the picture "developed" that you could see the reflection on the city around the star. 

And here is the other side of the street with a lovely gingko tree.

I can't believe this new and improved New Bedford. When I was a student this little courtyard seemed  like a dream. Through a fence you could see these potentially beautiful space with brick walkways surrounded by lovely old buildings and trees. 

It seems like some landscaping it starting to happen.

Making this courtyard even more magical.

And if you get this table, you will always win at chess.

I left my old neighborhood and started towards our favorite vintage shops.

This is a building I have long admired and pulled the car over so I could get some pictures of it. 

I love the brick, stone, metal and paint of the facade. 

But most of all, I love the ladies who watch over the building.

They appear to be angelic and strong at the same time.

Smart and beautiful.

And powerful. 

I do wish this building were open for me to explore the interior. For now I will keep poking around and taking pictures. For a place on the side of the highway, it is ever so peaceful.

happy friday!
xo, kim