city stroll : wickenden street

 One rainy day last week I took a stroll on Wickenden Street. Well, it was actually two rainy days. One day for father's day shopping and the other for a haircut and a lesson in curling my hair. 
[by the way, do we like the new profile picture?]

 This is one of the first neighborhoods that made me fall in love with Providence. 

 There's Felini's Pizzeria, the coffee exchange, utrecht, brick on wick and quaint little shops like the curatorium.

 The telephone poles and tree trunks are full of lovely textures. 

 And lights!

 The bases of trees are neatly fenced in and the ground around them covered in gorgeous blooms. 

 These yellow and orange flowers were my favorites. They remind me of my current enamel palette.

 And of course there are stickers to brighten up those ugly electrical boxes.

 This may be an urban street but it is oh so pretty.

 The perfect mix of nature, urban culture, brick, brightly painted homes and businesses.

 Can you spy the obey sticker in this picture? 

 While the yellow and orange flowers above were my favorite on the ground level, this lily was my favorite at facade level. Perfectly bright color contrast for this rainy day walk.

 This might just be my favorite screen door. Doesn't the pattern speak to my iron work series? I need to plan a new addition to the collection especially for valentine's day. 

 See why I am smitten, graffiti and brick. It doesn't get much better than that.

The epitome of city living. Chain link fence, overgrown weeds and a teeny alley way. 

 And one more great thing about Wickenden Street...

...the window boxes!

happy thursday!
xo, kim