city views + inspiration

A little stroll through downtown gave me some fire escape envy.
The design is simple yet more intricate than my fire escape. In fact, these shapes will soon be sketched out for my brooch series I plan on making one of these days. Although, this form may just find its way into my iron work series as well. It will be fun to use the same forms in different projects.

Seeing the 7 and the 2 askew remind me to always be on my toes with composition. This has a fun, playful quality. My first love (before discovering metals classes) was drawing. I take what I learned in hours of critiques and utilize it in my metalwork.

To add to my envy, this fire escape has stairs. We have a ladder. It's the little things.
It looks like there is enough room to have a little bench here so I could sit and read while enjoying my fire escape garden. A girl can dream.

There was also this really sweet gate in the neighborhood. I would love to have an iron gate to close me in at night, just so I can appreciate its beauty every day.

happy friday!
xo, kim

ps: tomorrow i will be at Providence Art Festival. stop by and visit me under my tent.