hammerpress love

Lately I've been trying to explore shops in search of new cards to buy. I have favorites and rarely stray from them. While I don't mind this, the recipient may think I'm forgetful sending the same cards time after time. Upon delivering work to my newest consignment shop, The Wooden Midshipman, I discovered hammerpress. I had a few birthdays of dear friends and family members coming up and I was hoping to find something fresh.

Before I even opened my new card to fill it out I took a peek at the hammerpress website. I was pleased to see they had a variety of cards, posters, gift cards and art prints which were all just as pleasing to see as the card I had bought.

I find hammerpress to be set apart from most artisans who are masters of letterpress. Their designs aren't just about quirky phrases, nor are they plain in color or lacking in patterns and design outside of text.

I love the layered quality of their letterpressed cards. 
[okay, I'll admit that I love the cussing, quirkiness of this postcard!]

Colors, patterns, images and text build up to create an effect like that of a collage with a sweet, quirky or sassy message perfect for anyone on your paper goods list. 

happy weekend!
xo, kim