happy summer solstice!

Now that summer has sprung, here's what has sprouted on my fire escape garden...
[or what has been acquired] 

Anemone! I am so excited about my new anemones. These bulbs were lovingly planted by me. All the credit is mine for these beauties that bloomed.

These callas and clematis are super cheap finds from the market. When they come back next year, I will take credit for them. 
[If you look really close to the left of the callas you can see my anemone starting to bud!]

These callas are perfectly beautiful. If you ever find yourself in Trader Joes take a good look at their plant section, they have amazing prices on orchids and perennials. 

It seems that my poppies may be done blooming now that summer is here. 

The blooms are just too pretty not to share. They are exquisite, delicate and lovely while they last.

I'll have to take credit for these next year as well. They were a nice find from Whole Foods. 

Just as this clematis is. We have to start someplace, right?

And to prove my sowing skills I planted these this weekend and I already have pots full of sprouts. 

happy summer!
xo, kim