hello, poppy!

Seeing as it's a grey week again I thought I would share some brightness with you. 

These poppies were so vibrant I noticed them while driving to the studio from a favorite coffee + roll shop [seven stars bakery!].

I pulled over and squealed in delight. They were just as lovely as I suspected they would be.

I love their fuzzy pods, stems and leaves. And this shade of green is a perfect backdrop for these red blooms. Their contrast compliments these hues perfectly making the red look all the more vibrant.

I'm completely amazed at the intricate stigma surrounded by the dark stamen and anthers. It is beautiful, dark and mysterious. 

The pods, leaves and stems aren't the only parts of this flower with texture. I love the subtle ripple in the poppy's petals. They are also slightly transparent allowing the deep black spots to show through to the back. [These are a huge inspiration for me. My poppy series is soon to be retired and replaced with a series which better portrays this flower's natural beauty.]

I saved my favorite shot for last.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim