makin' it

Here I am a day late with makin' it. 

These are my forget-me-not castings in need of some sanding to smooth out rough edges. 

 You've all seen my lovely 3M wheels I use with my foredom, so I figured I would just show an after picture of my nice, smooth castings.

Next comes dapping time!

I love tools and hammers. This step is much more fun than clean up.

Once the flowers are cupped I get my soldering station set up. Out comes my soldering stick, brush, flux, third arm, tweezers, ear posts and some freshly cut solder chips. 
[don't you love the little crane that keeps my tools from rolling away on me?]

Just a little close up.


 Here's the happy little family pre-pickle and full of fire scale. 

 After the earrings have been pickled I sand away fire scale and solder [yes, with my 3M wheels!] and then start on my matte finish. This sander attachment is intense, safety goggles are a must [but really, they are always a must]. Once I am done texturing I am covered in silver dust and bits of the wheel that came loose. I can't argue with the results. I love the random scratches that create my matte finish. I should add that I do this for the oxidized flowers as well, it gives the same feel to the oxidized pieces, making them less shiny, even after a romp in the tumbler.

Then comes the packaging. This step is so satisfying unlike the photography step. With photography there is editing photographs, loading them onto websites, writing descriptions and filling in 15 fields before hitting 'publish' to get your work listed but when your item sells, it makes it all worth it.

I love these behind the scenes studio posts, don't you?

xo, kim