my handmade birthday

Here are some of the sweet handmade items I got for my birthday...

 This simple heart necklace by DAA Glass is in my rotation of favorite necklaces. It is just a little touch of color with a sweet message. It is the one present I hinted heavily about wanting. I even gave the lovely Kristin of Craftland a list of my highly coveted colors. [Ladies with handmade wish lists, she is the one to see, she even asks now and again when birthdays are so she can start my new list.] 

This print is so perfectly me, I love fire escapes. Not to say that I don't like all of Dan Butler's work. And I just love that the artist sat outside and drew this fire escape with a group of onlookers [he notes this in his etsy description]. 
Days of drawing in public seem long gone. As a little girl taking art classes we would sit outside old victorian homes with our sketchbooks and an assortment of pencils and erasers with the hope of leaving the scene with a reasonable replica. Now you see a few people taking pictures [like me!] or knitting just to pass time, but not drawing. I think we need a draw in public day, just like knitters gather for knit in public day. There is something so romantic and old fashioned about it. I picture myself on a curb in Chinatown settled on a blanket surrounded by gorgeous iron work, beautiful, thick drawing papers with deckled edges, pencils, gummy erasers and a picnic basket full of treats. All the while humming Moon River and thinking of Holly Golightly strumming away on her guitar while sitting on a similar fire escape.

This amazing design is by An Li Studio. Unlike most silkscreened designs these flowers emerge from your side and cross your abdomen, they aren't just grouped in the center of the shirt. Composition means so much to me as do the shiny flowers. I own a shirt covered in silver flowers! If that isn't just perfect for me I don't know what is.

happy saturday!
xo, kim